iPhone App

The trifecta experience App is the perfect companion for your trifecta brewing. You can link to your online profile where you can manage your recipes, view others’ recipes, and share photos and videos all while on the go!

Searching recipes allows you to find recipes by keyword (such as origin or roaster), by a specific barista, or by flavor characteristic. This is particularly helpful when you are looking for a recipe similar to a new coffee you want to dial in on your own trifecta.

Browsing and searching recipes connects you to the online trifecta community database where other baristas share their brewing parameters.

Have a great coffee recipe that you want to share with the world? Of perhaps you just want to catalogue all of your current recipes in one easy-to-access location. Use this feature to input all the details of your trifecta recipes which will then become available on all trifecta experience outlets.

Here you can manage the recipes you have logged in the online trifecta community database. Also, add favorite recipes from other baristas to access them quickly from your mobile device.

Have a fun photo or video to share with the trifecta community? There’s no waiting to share them with the world! Just click to upload an existing photo or video, or choose to create a new one.

Questions? Email us at full.cup@bunn.com.

View more information or download by visiting the iTunes App Store